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5 years ago

This is how COX cheat its customers

We always think we are given what we paid for. False. Most customers do not know how to check and confirm they are given the speed they paid for. and cox use that to cheat and steal their customer

Here is an example, I pay for a 50Mb, however Cox speed tester detect that I have ESSENTIAL 30 with 30Mb speed. and after taking the test it shows a speed of 16Mb

here is a picture of my speed test indicating that I am on a 30mb plan and saying my speed is 16Mb and here is a picture of my plan saying I am in a 50Mb speed 

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    What's the make/model of your Internet modem?  👈

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    just to update this post, Asked two of my neighbors to do the speed test and both tested around 17Mb while they pay for 100Mb

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    you're getting a higher % of what you're paying for than many here!