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4 years ago

Tech Support

I waited on hold for 38 minutes yesterday, put through by the "Loyalty Supervisor", and when the tech finally answered she could not hear me although I could hear her quite plainly. I have been trying to resolve this issue for several weeks now.  My internet was going in and out and everytime I got hold of one of your techs (after getting disconnected 5 times!!! and never a call back) I get a different answer.  The last one told me I need a new modem although this one is only 4 years old supposedly and I do not use the internet all that much, live alone, and do no gaming.  Now I really want some answers even though my internet connection has been just fine now for several days. I do not want it to go out again at some crucial time. Loyalty Supervisor told me that the last tech who told me a red light on the modem does NOT mean my modem needs replaced. ??????????????  Any techs out there who really know technical issues??????????????