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4 years ago

Switching to Panoramic WiFi

   I have recently purchased Cox Gigablast and received a panoramic wifi gateway in the mail(techs are unavailable due to COVID). My home is only about 25 years old. I have connected the Coax cable to my tv outlet but have still not received a signal. I am not to knowledgeable on everything involved between services and set up. I am swapping from Century link which is still active. My first Question: with Century link involved, does that hinder my set up of the cox service? if i cannot get a tech service to come by my house with this COVID issue, i cannot get anything swapped out. I'm not sure if Century link disconnected the existing TV outlets for a single USB outlet they set up in my den when i set up their internet. I hope someone can help with a possible answer to my issue.

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    Would your active Century account hinder a Cox account?  No.  Your new modem would "point" towards a different provider.  With your Century modem disconnected, Century would have nothing to communicate with in your house.  If Century can't establish a link to your Century modem, no communications could occur.  If no communications, no data traffic from Century.

    The USB outlet Century set up in your den sounds peculiar.  I think, perhaps, Century rerouted the primary coax in your house.

    First, I'd locate how "the grid" connects to the exterior of your house.  A coax cable could emerge from the ground or connect from a telephone phone.  A good indicator would be a little metal or plastic box attached to the side of your house.

    Second, I'd remove the cover plate of the coax outlet inside your house closest to this exterior connection.

    Third, you want the exterior coax connected to this coax outlet.  If it's not connected, this may be your problem.

    We can explain more later but in the meantime, is this coax outlet connected?

    Note:  Little metal or plastic boxes outside your house are called Network Interface Devices (NID).

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    I have connected the Coax cable to my tv outlet

    Is this TV outlet active?  Meaning...did you have a cable box connected to this outlet and if so, were you able to watch TV?