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3 years ago

Strange NetGear device keeps joining my WIFI network without any credential access even after being paused multiple times.

I have a Cox panoramic wifi gateway CGM4140COM model. The wifi shut down most of the streaming devices in my house yesterday at once and I have no clue why. Cells and Contour still work. But I noticed on the Cox app this week a strange device connected to the network with no password or username approval and disconnected two seconds later. It is being broadcast as a general netgear device and I have tried to pause it numerous times on the Cox app but it gets around the pause each time and reconnects for short intervals.  It is definitely a hack of some sort but I do not have a remedy. Can anyone help?

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    Contour still work

    Does this mean your "cable box" is the Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player?  If so, my suggestion to buy a better more secure router wouldn't work.

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    Hi @Garret3114
    I know how important it is for you to make sure that your Wifi is protected. I would make sure to change the Wifi password and Network name SSID. You should also be able to go into the Cox Wifi App and click on that strange device, go to More Info, then Device Details to see the information for that device. Also, make sure that you change the password to the Gateway login (link below will help you.).

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