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7 years ago

Speed problems : SOLVED ! More than likely Windows 10 default settings here's a tip that works

1st off - I'm a 16+ year Cox customer  and thought I'd share a success to my speed problems -

I've been watching my speeds for several months -  I'm a windows 10 preview participant and notice  after every install my internet speeds were being  "nerfed or  adjusted according to windows defaults .  After countless tweaks , router resets and hours upon hours on the phone with Cox Customer service I discover this page. This guide I followed to the letter and wow this  fix my speed problems I hope it will help you. 

I'm on Fiber and  upon 1st install I was get 920 up and 930 down  I have over 50 results  over a period of 4 months and recently varying from 300 down/500 up to 600 Download/689 up   after doing  all the tweaks on the link  I'm  getting better than when I first got Giga-blast.

WARNING :  some of these settings are "REGEDIT" registry  tweaks. If your not familiar or comfortable just Find someone who is or use the and  use the setting post on the web page …

You'll be happy you did

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