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6 years ago

spam emails from my contacts

Okay this is more about email than internet, but I have been receiving spam emails from fake emails from my contacts, (like the emails are untraceable, and the spelling of my name and the senders name are misspelled versions of the real names as if a robot or foreigner is trying to spell). Each email usually looks like this:

"Hello (my name), I found something very interesting for you (link to some website labeled 'detailed info')

Sorry for the monkey thumbs,

(Signed from misspelled contact name)"

Is my account hacked? What do i do? I don't know how they got my contact info and my name?

side note: the fake emails are both "sent from" athletic trainers I had in high school. 

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    If they had hacked into your account, the spam would be going out from "you" to all of your contacts.   Since you are receiving the spam, it is more likely that one of your friends had their account invaded.  These spammers don't want to "hack" an account.  They mostly want the contact list since friends are more likely to open emails from friends.  They don't send the spam from the account they invaded; they manually enter the trusted name into their Reply address... and send it from their computer. 

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        Did the trainers use the same email server?  If so, I'd assume that server was compromised.

        I used to get those types of emails from my Excite account.

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    I am having the exact same problem, laxislife. I'm going to guess that the Cox server was hacked based on the fact that webmail has been down, and prior to this, I have never received one spam email in my inbox. 

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      We've been having this problem as well.  I get SPAM from a few of the people that send email regularly to me.  One or two letters have been changed, normally consonants.  I find it odd that this is happening because we are very careful with stuff and am pretty sure we've not been hacked.  Our contacts live in and are under two factor auth with a long password.

      You think that Cox's server have been compromised?