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4 years ago

Spam Bombardments Over The Years Continue To Get Worse - Yet Cox Still Does Nothing?

For over three years, perhaps longer, webmail users on this forum have continued to report that Cox's SpamBlocker is ineffective against SPAM. Due to the ill response from Cox Support, it seems that no one even wants to trouble themselves by reporting their dissatisfaction anymore. In fact the last time the subject was posted was a year ago, yet the problem still remains. Simply enter the word SPAM in the forum's SEARCH FIELD to see what I mean.

The same goes with Cox's recommendation of utilizing the FILTER RULES found in the email setting. I for one can tell you from experience that I have entered over a hundred keywords into the filter setting to no avail. Keywords which are meant to block incoming mail that contain such phrases as Wild Alaskan, American Home Warranty, VA Rate Services, Crepe Erase, UltraWifiPro, LeafFilter, ConsumerSurveyOffers, Vivint.SmartHome, etc. This effort is not only time consuming, but a complete waste of time. Quite frankly, the amount of spam I get heavily out numbers legitimate messages and it's especially frustrating to sort through.

You'd think by now that Cox servers would be doing a major portion of that task, but they don't. Case in point, as one customer commented two years ago, "How much spam gets through on my Gmail account - NONE! Why can't Cox filter spam better? Seriously when spam comes through with an email address 50 characters long it's F&*King Spam! And for the filters? They don't work." Clearly that customer's concern holds up even today, and it's long overdue that Cox finally takes serious action to effectively defend us against spam.

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    I don't even use my cox account any longer. I don't remember the last time I even used it as my email address unless something I am doing needs a backup email address which is rare these days. The ones and only email service I used is through Gmail. That goes to show how much I trust Cox's email service. 

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    when i come to the forum i also check webmai + my wifi.

    the last intrusion to this pc, 2 laptops, several phones on wifi was last saturday.

    12 in spam folder today.

    looks like they're doing something!