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4 years ago report on Cox internet speeds


According to my latest SamKnows report, this is probable, and it happened back in April when my sustained internet speed dropped from 160Mbps to 140Mbps and has stayed there to date. I chatted with a couple of support reps and got the speed up from 95Mbps to 140Mbps by a router reset. But they would not answer why this has occured. SamKnows router attached is independant of my router, so a reset does not affect speed data.

Just cut and pasted the bit about not a hard and fast connection, but susceptable to variation.

Are we being ripped off?

I have years of monitoring data on my SamKnows accout to document this.


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         Yes, However, I am not getting what I paid for. How far is UpTo? LOL

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        up to is up to...i pay for 500/10 & see 400+ both wired/wi-fi.