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2 months ago

Sixteen hours and counting

My Internet went down before 7:30 last night. The Cox app gave a four-hour ETA for repair. Four hours later, they added another four hours, showing I would be back online before 3:30 AM. I woke up early this morning. I work from home and I needed to be online by 5 o'clock. Still no Internet. The ETA had been moved out another four hours. Once the outage hit the twelve hour mark, they stopped providing an ETA. I reached out to Cox. The AI messaging system couldn't help. It suggested I call. I called, but the automated phone system wouldn't connect me to a person because it recognized I was in an outage and the customer service reps can't help with outages. 

Finally, after hours of trying to get answers while I struggled to do my job through a hot spot from my phone, I got a "live agent" name Rahul on the messaging system.  As promised by the phone's automated system, Rahul couldn't help me.  There were no apologies and no explanations, just a suggestion to take all my work equipment to one of the free Cox Wi-Fi spots across the valley. I asked for a credit and basically met a stone wall.  And I still don't have an ETA. 

I'm beyond frustrated. How can we be sixteen hours in and still have no information and no ETA?

Fiber First is in my neighborhood. They can match or beat Cox's pricing and, from what I've heard from my neighbors, it's faster and more reliable too. I have an appointment for them to come on Monday now. 


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  • Hi megatsea, please feel free to reach out to us through Social Media: Facebook, or CoxHelp. or email us at,com  We are happy to check your area status and apply a service credit for an outage. Thank you for being patient,