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4 years ago

Should I set up my internet myself or

I am clueless about how internet or what settings I should have on my Cox gigablast and I don’t know what Lan means and if I have to set up my internet internet connection through the app I have  or just leave it the way it is when it was set up by Cox tech 

I have had no problem with it at all I have some security cameras that need it to be a 2.4GHz and I am getting configure WiFi  it could be the camera itself but I’m not sure what to do with WiFi I am using Cox WiFi app and I have access to change it. 
shoud I just leave it alone and get better camera?

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    If you want to setup and control your Internet, don't use Cox equipment.  If you subscribe to Cox Voice, you have to use a Cox telephone modem but other than this, you should purchase your own equipment.

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      both of you forget to tell this admitted novice that he's got to setup/maintain equipment, you suggest he should buy to replace cox equipment!!

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        This coming from a Pano-renter who must use his own router to connect devices because Pano won't work with said devices.

        For other renters unable to connect their devices to Pano, your only solution has been to replace their other devices!  If Pano doesn't work...why rent it?

        OP rents Pano but still can't set it up.  What's the difference between buying your own equipment and being unable to setup Pano?

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    Hi @ROman

    If you have the Panoramic Wifi App installed I would like to share with you some tips to help optimize your network, as your modem is a smart modem and will toggle networks. Although it gives you faster speeds the 5GHz band has the shorter wavelengths and higher frequency meaning that it is not good for long-range connections. The 2.4GHz band has slower speeds but a longer wavelength making it more stable at longer distances. Most cameras will only hook on to the 2.4GHz band. I would suggest downloading the Cox Panoramic Wifi App if you want to give your networks two different names. The link provided here should assist you: .

    Ben S.
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