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4 years ago

Service outage too often

Why are there service outage this many times? It is like once or twice a month, at least 6 hours each time.

I was playing game and it disconnected for the outage at the very important moment. Can you fix it just once? Not like this many times?

if I had different choice in my area, I would use other services not COX. Very poor quality but super expensive.

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    Is there any way to give at least a notice for outage???

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      @ RyanHan

      Cox works diligently to limit the amount of downtime our customer's experience. Our normal maintenance window is between midnight and 6 AM. Advance notice is not always practical; however, we try to let customers know when a major issue or a network upgrade in their area will impact their service for more than one day. You can view outages and sign up to receive alerts on

      Jonathan J
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