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3 years ago

See data usage by device?

I went over my data usage for the first time this month. How do I see which devices are using the most data each month? This is such a simple request but I cannot find anything in my online account or the Cox WiFi App. 

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  • Where is the reply to this last post from the moderator from Cox? 

    It says right there from your website that you can track how much data a device is using...I think the person is right and your website also confirms that

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      The data usage meter does not break down usage by device, but the Panoramic Wifi app can display Network Activity. This section provides visual representations of activity on your network, and the ability to view individual device's network activity over a 24-hour period and past 30 day-average. Depending on the version of your device and app you may need to check the Overview or Connect tab for Network details, or select your devices to view network activity.  For more information about the differences between network activity and data usage, see Understanding Data Usage. Note: The app begins tracking network activity after you have signed into the app for the first time. Check out to get to know the Panoramic Wifi App from Cox.

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        Can you please provide instructions on how to do this?

         the ability to view individual device's network activity over a 24-hour period and past 30 day-average.

  • Hi WishIDidntHaveCox,

    I apologize for the inconvenience, however, the Cox Data Usage Meter does not break down usage per device. This link has some useful information about Data Usage:

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    Mike J.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Your site says it does.  We have been going over limit for our plan for the past few months, but nothing has changed as far as devices.  I want to know why!

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        Hi lbcounslr, 


         Yes, our Site says that the number of devices will affect your Data but it does not say there is a way to see which devices has the most usage. Here is the link for more information on Data Usage, . If you feel nothing has changed, the best option would be to change your password and slowly add your devices back.