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4 years ago

Scheduled Outage

I want to understand why Cox would choose to do a scheduled outage on a Monday in the middle of a pandemic when they are aware that more people than ever are working from home. 

Starbucks, closed. Library, closed. Anywhere that once had public WiFi, not allowing people to work in their facilities for a normal 8 hour workday. This is ridiculous. Yeah, it would be unfortunate to not have WiFi all weekend but I would rather that happen than having to scramble more than usual on a Monday morning to find somewhere to go. 

I am not one to leave reviews. I am very go with the flow, but this is so inconvenient and Cox should think a little harder about this. I appreciate the notice but it doesn’t make it any less convenient. 

My outage was scheduled to be from 5am-12pm Monday morning. I have received alerts stating that my outage was potentially extended until 7pm. I don’t know how they can right their wrong but I’m annoyed and I wish they were more considerate of their consumers during this time. They already charge an arm and a leg for their crappy service. Even after upgrading my WiFi, it still **. 

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    So what would you have them o do wait for a failure and take a day to find and fix or preventive maintenance?

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      I would ask them to schedule it on a weekend. It’s far less inconvenient for majority of people. 

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        We have far too many areas to upgrade overall to delay each one until a weekend, unfortunately.

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