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SB8600 slow speeds

I recently"upgraded" my modem from the Arris 6190 to the Motorola SB8600.   While I got great speeds with the Arris when it was running , It would often time out and needed to be rebooted several times a day.    Prior to the replacement Speedtest showed  DL speeds averaging 170 Mbps..   Since the replacement I am averaging 48-60 Mbps.      I mentioned this to the telephone tech support and she stated it may take several days to regain my full speeds( BS answer, but I had things to do and it was Friday afternoon so I let it slid)

the Modem is running 5600.18.2.9 firmware, and all the channel readings look good.   Event log is clear for the past two days.    and I have checked and tightened all connections.  

Are there issues with these modems?  

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    I apologize for the misinformation you should automatically receive the speeds. Are you results based on being hardwired or wireless? If wirleless please log onto and run a speed test.

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      I have the same model of modem.  I had a tech at my house for two hours last night 10/1/19.  I'm seeing errors on my channels on my modem.   I have gigablast service.  I'm having buffering and freezes.  Tech had me take my modem out to the street pedestal and directly connect to the ped port.  I was getting the same errors there.  I told him the issue must be up the line from my house.  He kept telling me it was a cabling issue.  I didn't disagree but it isn't at my house.  I proved this by hooking my modem up at the ped.  He then cut off and re-terminated all the cable ends at my house.  There was no change still getting errors.  He then calls another tech and he tells me it is a wireless issue in my house.   Physical errors on my modem have nothing to do with my wireless.  I have been a network engineer for over 25 years.  How do I get this issue resolved.  I have been a cox customer for almost 20 years.  When tech left he said he would write an informational ticket for maintenance.  I'm not sure what that means but I still don't have the quality service I'm paying for.