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5 years ago

Roommate Account - Netgear CM1000 not passing internet through to Netgear RAX80


150mbps connection on new, secondary "Roommate Account".

Main account is Gigablast and is working fine with Panoramic router.  This question is in reference to the new, secondary "Roommate Account".

Hardware both new with latest firmware:

Netgear CM1000 Modem

Netgear RAX80 WIFI Router


The CM1000 modem is connected with a short ethernet cable to a RAX80 WIFI router.  Despite being hard connected to the CM1000 no internet is available on the RAX80 router.  A second RAX80 was connected to the CM1000 and there was still no internet through the router.  HOWEVER internet is available through the CM1000 if an ethernet cable is plugged directly into it directly from a laptop.

So basically

CM1000 >> RAX80 >> No internet

CM1000 >> Laptop >> Internet works

Could this be the roommate account?  Is it treated differently?  I've been through Netgear tech support on the RAX80, tried a second RAX80 and it still wouldn't connect.  So that narrows it down to the CM1000 and the Roommate Account.  The CM1000 is a bridge router with no settings.

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    new, secondary "Roommate Account"

    Secondary to what?

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    I must have missed something.  For my simplicity, I'll refer to your equipment as Dad's and Son's.

    - Dad has a gigabit plan
    - Son has a 150 Mbps plan
    - Dad has a coax coming into his house
    - I'll assume the coax is connected to a splitter
    - 1 leg of the splitter is connected to Dad's modem (Panoramic WiFi Modem)
    - 1 leg of the splitter is connected to Son's modem (CM1000)
    - With both modems online, Cox assigns each modem a unique public IP address
    - Therefore, Dad is paying Cox for 2 public IP addresses, yes?
    - Dad's modem has connectivity
    - Son's modem has connectivity with a laptop directly connected
    - Meaning...Son's laptop has wired connectivty to the Internet
    - Meaning...Son's laptop does NOT have wireless connectivity from Dad's Panoramic WiFi Modem
    - Son's modem does NOT provide connectivity with a router connected

    How is the CM1000 a bridge router?  It's not a router.

    Do you have the RAX80 in Bridge Mode?

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      Bruce you have it precisely correct!

      Maybe I described it incorrectly.  The CM1000 is a modem and not a router.  It simply passes everything through to the RAX80 or laptop.  Inside the control panel of the CM1000 I can set the "Starting Frequency"  and reset the password.  No other options are available.  It is extremely simple.

      I just checked and the RAX80 is not set to bridge mode.  It is most likely set to factory defaults.

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        Starting Frequency

        Did Cox provide you the starting frequency?