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Recommendations for reliable service levels.

Seeking recommendations from other cox customers for the most reliable level of internet service (reliable being "up" time, versus something else). Hi.  New to this forum but not Cox. Seeking input from other users as to which level of Cox internet service has provided them with +85% up-time (currently my service has averaged being down 1 day each week (so 1 day in 7 days, that is where the 85% came from).

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    Up-time is a good metric but even if your service is up, there are other metrics as well, such as noise, congestion, power, etc.  You can view these numbers in your modem log.  Depending on your modem, you could enter in the address bar of a browser.

    Your Internet Service isn't down for an entire day but the accumulation of down-times equal roughly 24 hours?

    Post your modem logs.