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4 years ago

Question for my tech savy peeps

Ok. So while gaming, I often get the "packet loss" symbol.
But when we do tests on my network, most of the time, no packet loss is detected.

Here's what im thinking:
Packets can arrive late as they are re transmitted. Once a packet is late in gaming, its pretty much useless as the real time events in gaming have already happened.
Maybe the late packets are registering in game as packet loss.
Is this possible?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. 

I'm just months into tech support with cox and nothing has changed

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  • Look at and do speed and latency tests.  That seems to point out more issues than the polls speed test will.

    In my case I had to have a tech come out and test my cabling and turns out I had a splitter in my line as well as an old cable which was causing "noise" and therefore random packet loss or slowness.

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      I've had plenty of tech visits. All wiring is all new now. One brand new splitter. Levels are good.

      Speedtests are always good