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5 years ago

Potential rebalancing of upload and download bandwidth

From what I have heard, a neighborhood node has 4x load-balanced 6.4Mhz 64-QAM upstream channels. Effective throughput per channel is only 26.92Mb/sec. That means the cable modems on a node are all sharing just 107.68Mb/sec. When these channels become saturated, we get packet loss and ping jitter, essentially an unstable connection.
Given that node splits are probably a necessity across the entire US right now (but Cox probably doesn't want to do anything about it since they think this will all blow over in a month or two), is there some way the amount of carved out upstream bandwidth could be improved at a neighborhood node scale? I don't need 500 Mb/s down, I need a consistent connection (which requires both back and forth, upload and download rate, not to be congested).

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    What you've mentioned is a good solution and has been suggested in several threads a few pages back from a week ago. They have all since been locked by the forum moderators. Expect that this one will get locked as well for even remotely suggesting that node oversaturation is the issue. Cox is not exactly in the interest of downgrading speeds for the sake of stability. The best you can do is file a complaint with the FCC and  your state's consumer advocacy board.

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    Will upgrading to 1gbps give me more consistent latency?

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      Only if it is 1Gbps download AND upload, meaning a dedicated fiber connection to the house. If you mean the Gigablast package that is 1Gbps download / 35 Mbps upload, that is still hybrid fiber/coax, meaning you are still subject to node saturation.