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Mini Box Potential Issues

Background:  About six weeks ago,  a Cox tech installed a mini box in my computer room, and he hooked the mini box up to a small 1998 Magnavox non-HD TV.  In my previous home', this same TV was hooked up to the Cox cable line for basic TV and worked great   Back to now, the tech plugged everything in,  and observed  that he felt a  slight shock from the mini box--just a ping--and said it was probably because it is hooked up to an older television.  It works fine, and eventually I will replace the old TV with a small HDTV.   I am not in this room a lot, but I too get a slight "ping" from the mini box if my fingers touch the top of it.  Also, the mini box gets very warm on the bottom and the top, and in spite of the little legs, whatever furniture it sits atop, gets really warm too--whether it is on top of the TV or on a table.  Questions:   is it typical  for a slight electrical "ping" to happen if my fingers touch the top of the box?  Is it normal  for these mini boxes to be very warm on top and bottom?  I have unplugged the cord from the mini box for now until I get some feedback.  The tech I called today thought it was all normal.  I can easily call a tech to come out and check it out.  I can also toss the old TV if that is truly the problem!  Your feedback will be appreciated!  BTW, I have HD cable boxes in other rooms and everything is fine.  I'm new to the mini boxes but I like how many channels we get on them.  Sorry for the long message.

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  • TVAddict

    The mini-box running really warm is normal but it should definitely be in a ventilated area. Getting an electrical shock however, is not normal by any means. I'd rather not take any chances and get that mini-box swapped out ASAP. I do not believe that the older TV is the problem. Do you live close to a Cox Store? If so, you can take the mini-box there and swap it out. You also have the option of a tech coming out or we can mail you a replacement box. If we mail you a replacement we would need you to mail back the malfunctioning mini-box.

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    Does the Mini Box have a metal chassis?  If so, it could be a shorted box.  It could also be a faulty outlet.  Do you have another electronic device with a metal chassis, maybe even another cable box?

    The tech should have known better.

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    Thank  you and Stephanie for your replies.  I will take this mini box into my local Cox store this weekend and swap it out.  Your forum responses, as always, are  very much appreciated and informative. 

  • @TVAddict,

    Please let us know if you continue to experience issues with the service after swapping the box. We are here to help.

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.