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4 years ago

pods or extender

Which is better Cox pods or extender for a dead spot in the house

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    What's the make and model of your router?

    As for running an Ethernet cable, use this example:  If you wanted to install a cable-box in the "dead" room, is there a coaxial connector already on the wall in this room?  If not, how would you run a coaxial cable to this room?  Could you...would you...should you?

    The same goes for an "access point."  Is there already an Ethernet connector (LAN connection) on the wall of this dead room?  If not, would you run a cable?

    A wire is your best option; however, if you don't have the means for a wired connection, we'll roll back to your wireless option.

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      Technicolor CGM4141. in my dead spot room where I watch TV/Stream, etc. I do have a coaxle cable but it’s my only one coming in to where my TV is

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        It's hard to say whether you would be "better off"...

        You are renting the equipment from Cox. Those rental fees add up over time. So much so that over the course of two and more years, you could have paid for your own equipment several times over. However, Cox will support the rental equipment. Consider the rental fee as paying for tech support every month.

        I've been a Cox internet subscriber for 15+ years. In that time, I've purchased two cable modems and two wireless router systems. It's straight forward to see how much money I've saved purchasing my own equipment instead of paying rental fees.

        In the end it comes down to what is valuable to you. I certainly won't judge anyone who says, "I don't know this stuff. I don't want to think about it. It should just work." The rental fees might be worth it.

        I do wonder why Cox rents the modem/router but makes you purchase the pod extenders... if needed, one would think the pods would be part of the equipment and included in the rental fee.... either way, you can buy these pods on eBay for $50-60. Caveat emptor. 

        As for your "dead" room.. there are many variables why wireless signals won't penetrate into a room. The construction of your walls, ceilings, and size of your home are a significant factor in your router's wifi signal range. As bruce mentioned earlier, purchasing your own router, one with a stronger wireless radio, could help.