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4 years ago

Pods frequently disconnect

Recently one or two of my pods frequently disconnect and I have to unplug/replug to restart.

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  • Hi, HankS,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the Pods.

    Please perform the following steps:

    1) Confirm that the Panoramic Wifi Gateway is located in an optimal location for WiFi coverage, such as in the center of the home in an open area.
    2) Review Pod placement to ensure that Pods 2.0 are placed approximately 20-30 feet from the gateway
    3)Disconnect and then reconnect your WiFi devices to the Panoramic Wifi network.

    Do the Pods appear offline in the Cox WiFi app? If so, do the following:

    1) From the Cox Wifi app, tap Network.
    2) From the Network section, select the Pod that is offline.
    3) Tap Help Me Fix It.

    Note: It may take up to two minutes for the Pod to update in the Cox Wifi app or web portal.

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    I'm having the same issue.  It seems ridiculous that I spent $100 on these things and I have to reset them every week for them to work.  Is Cox trying to figure this out or is the plan to just have customers troubleshoot their pods constantly?

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      Hi Alexpowell4,

      In a wifi mesh network, the Pods talk to each other and the Gateway to track the number of connected devices, their location and the type of wifi connection that each device needs. This makes sure your device gets the best signal. If a Pod is offline, it will be marked in the Network section of the Panoramic Wifi app. To troubleshoot, choose the Pod from the list, then select Help Me Fix It for tips on how to get the Pod online or boost its connection.

      Ben S.
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