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4 years ago

Please read this and save time for packet loss and slow speed

Hi everyone ,

I would like to make your life easier so you don’t have to post. I am an IT network professional. The reason your internet is slow and you are not getting full speed and you have packet loss is because cox internet lines are old and outdated . They are not meant to handle this many people working from home and not outside. The lines are over saturated and can not handle the workload. Nothing cox tells you is going to fix this problem so please don’t try. The only thing cox can do to fix this is replace your outside lan node. Which they most likely won’t do because it’s extremely expensive. Upgrading to Gigablast will not fix your problem....getting a new modem will not fix your problem... having a tech come out will not fix your problem... resetting your router will not fix your problem... the only fix is to switch providers. Nothing will change until Covid goes away. I’m sorry but this is the truth and I’m just trying to save you hours of time on hold with cox reps. Do not fall for their bs to upgrade your internet , this will not do anything trust me . 

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    Sorry, but this just isn't true. There are a lot of things other than over-subscription that can cause slow speeds and packet loss: loose connections, faulty interior wiring, faulty exterior wiring, defective tap, defective amplifier, RF ingress, etc. Almost everyone who complains about slow speeds ends up having one of the problems I listed once they post their modem signals and logs. Over-subscription is a problem but it's definitely not the only problem. People shouldn't give up without properly troubleshooting their issue.

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      Here is a screenshot of my normal speeds now in Las Vegas.  700+ in the morning and 10 in the evening.  Everyday for the past week.  This is definitely a problem [at minimum] with the CMTS.

      These speed tests are taken hardwired out of the modem (CM100).  If I use a completely different modem (Arris SB8200), same result.  My neighbor gets the same speeds too (also SB8200).  I have new RG6 pulled (by Cox (twice)) to my DMarc where it hits a bonded bullet connector to another brand new piece of RG6 straight to my modem.  No wall jacks/attenuators/splitters/taps, nothing.  There is nothing left to troubleshoot from the curb to my house.  It's all new...and apparently acceptable or I'd never hit 700+

      I get what you're saying though and that's all possible scenarios in a lot of cases, but not in my case.

      The simple fact is Cox's greed has over subscribed and their nodes can't handle the demand.

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        I’m running into the same exact problem here in Henderson. Totally fine speeds in the morning and by afternoon we are down to single digits. I thought it was possibly a modem problem. I didn’t have any issues until I upgraded speeds and got their modem (pano). I just ordered a new modem in hopes that would solve the problem but from what you are saying it looks like I’ll run into the same issue. I had 3 techs out here over the past two days and they can see that the node is overrun but why the sudden issue of the single digit speeds?  People have been working from home for months. What changed this past week? 

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    I can't agree with you more. Had a tech came out few weeks ago for the same ping spikes/packet loss issue, and everything is fine it's just everyone staying home and their infrastructure simply can't handle this situation. No plan to split node in the near future. Will a FCC complaint force them to split node?