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5 years ago

Ping spikes in North Las Vegas area

About a week ago ive been starting to get MASSIVE ping spikes my discord server is connected to the west coast my ping should be a solide 14-20 im at 14-210. With about 20% packet loss. Any thing else I need to post to help figure out the route problem?

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  • You can go into command prompt and type: ping -n 30

    That is a California based server which will show your packet loss to that region. There is also ping plotter a free program to download shows you all the packet loss on each hop. The sad truth is there are bunch of post on here from Vegas area, California, and Arizona which are all experiencing the same thing. Over saturated nodes, over sold bandwidth packages with upload speeds at like 100 mbs when most CTMS junctions for Cox only have 100 to 120 mbs upload capacity, etc. Short answer to that is to many people using the network in your neighborhood at the same time. If you where not tied into a node with so many users on it then it wouldn't be a problem for everyone to be using the internet at the same time, but when its over sold, there is no way to bypass the limitations to the infrastructure currently in place aside from Cox kicking people off the network. 

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    Having the same problems here for a few months now, onlines games are unplayable

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      Same issue as everyone else. I can't even do online game any more. My ping would be spiking so bad thats its unplayable. Talked to cox tech last nite and ran some test. He said everything looks fine. I just gave up arguing with them. Now I'm thinking about switching to Century Link for fiber for $85 guaranteed rate for life.