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4 years ago

Ping Spikes and Jitter... AGAIN

Well, since cox decided to  lock my first post, With no response, ill just post it again. 

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    Mods, why would you lock my first post with no resolution or response? Would you actually read my post before assuming it has something to do with everyone being home? IT HAS BEEN HAPPENING OVER A MONTH. I would like to speak with a technical manager ASAP. 

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    They locked the customer-driven megathread on this which has the best technical advice for quantitatively determining the issue, where the majority of customers are effectively onto the final "Step 6" of Tiffany's checklist. 

    @Tiffany, I propose you create a support tag which we can each reference when engaging with your Tier 1 technical support team, related to this very topic, especially because you have highly correlated regional data for this on both this forum and DSLReports which your customers have documented thoroughly. For example, dispatching a dozen techs out to a dozen people with clearly the same experience on the CMTS nodes isn't going to be efficient use of use of resources when it comes to resolving this.