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5 years ago

Persistent internet outage in Yukon, OK

Now going on over 2 weeks of persistent outages (intermittent for past few months). Technicians have replaced the modem, optimized the signal/frequency, etc.

The last technician that came, who WAS helpful btw, just recommended I log the issues. Talked with 2 different people on the 'live chat' thing. Both basically hung up on me after walking me through unplugging modem and plugging it back in, etc. Pretty sure anyone who's been with Cox for more than 6mo can do that in their sleep now. Neither were interested in the log Ive recorded of issues/time of day.

My speeds should be around 200Mbps (at the modem, but 160 realistically) but instead I'm only getting 1 - 10Mbps.. yeah, that's  one.. to.. ten..

I have to work from home sometimes and I am having to sit in parking lots for free wifi.

Neither the techs, or the online chat advisors have any clue what's wrong. The equipment in our house is running perfect. Obviously something is wrong with their system in the area, but we just get brushed off or transferred.

Hopefully AT&T will have a good black Friday deal..

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