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2 years ago

people send email and think they go through and I do not receive

I am frustrated. First it is a disappointment that family members can no longer get email accounts. Though my issue is at times I have people or businesses send me an email and to them it looks like it went through. However, I receive it delayed or not at all. It happens from time to time and from various senders. How does this get reported or resolved? To clarify it does NOT go to SPAM, it just does not come to me.

Recently, a group MathLeague tried to send me an email like 6 times and to them it looked like it was received and I never received it. Yet I have been getting emails from them for years with no issues. 

To make matters worse, I get tons of junk and spam that does go to my inbox. I forward to COX spam reporting and mark as junk....but doesn't help. Just because we cannot get new emails, we should still get support.....and not be forced to call or chat.

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    This is just a stab in the dark...but do you only use Cox webmail or do you also have email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail) installed on other devices?  If you have other devices with email-client software and configured as POP, those devices could be downloading your email from the server.  Of course, this would assume these clients are only online from "time to time."

  • Hi DArizona,

    I completely understand your frustration at not being able to create new email accounts, however in recent years, fewer customers have taken advantage of a Cox Email account, so we decided to better serve our customers, as of August 15, 2019, we no longer offer the ability for new and existing Cox Internet customers to create new Cox Email accounts. Our customers with Cox Email accounts created prior to August 15, 2019, will continue to receive support for those email accounts.

    To help you further troubleshoot this issue with your email account, please reach out to us at com Please include a link to this Forum message.

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
    Cox Forums Support Moderator