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4 years ago

Panoramic Router Port forwarding

I have the Cox Panoramic router CGM4140COM.  I switch plugged into ETH1, and a device plugged into ETH2.  The device in ETH2 has a static IP address, and I can access it from the LAN.  I can see it as a "Connected Device" in both the router, and OK so all that is good.

I am having an issue when I go into port forwarding this device is not showing up in the drop down.  I need to setup 2 ports.  I have searched the forum, and not seeing an answer to this issue.  I can call COX, but am I understand correctly that they want to charge to support THEIR router, and something that is obviously THEIR issue?


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  • @Dusty Gordon, Is the app seeing the other device when you attempt to port forward? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • @Allan, Yes I can see other devices on the list in both the App, and the webpage, and I can see some getting added and dropping off the list as they go online\offline

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      You would think they would want you to use their Modem\Router to make more money.  I guess I will look at buying my own again.  Their internet is the best in my area otherwise I would look into someone else.