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5 years ago

Packetloss in every game I play.

title says it all, I know posting here is pointless and nothing will be done. but I just want cox to know i am not happy. and it isnt the games I play because when it starts to rubberband and lag, I check my discord and I am on 1 bar with 90% packetloss it happens like every 10 mins.

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    Yep.. Forums is full of us complaining about the packet loss and Cox is playing blind with it.

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      @lsjflksajlkf, can you please unplug your modem and plug it back on after about twenty seconds? Your modem shows it has been online for 19 days without a reboot. Are you experiencing fluctuating download speeds on WiFi or while hard-wired directly to the modem? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        done, and still happening. Wired connection to router. also have tried direct to modem but it didn't make a difference in the latency spikes or download speed.