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After two cox tech and 4 different modem im still suffering with 5% to 14% packet loss making gaming impossible and watching movies with bad quality. i've also ran ping plotter test and it seems like the main issue is coming from hop 6 ( ) with 75% packet loss and the last hop at 6% packet loss. And after reading many other similar situations on here it makes me thing we won't be getting a fix anytime soon. it feels like i'm stuck with this problem and only hope is to move out of this area. and never move into a place that cox has its hand on. Unfortunately it feels like i got played and have one more year in my apartment lease. don't move into the eastlake area in san diego if you make money in online gaming!!!!

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  • I am sorry that you are having an issue with your services please send us an email at with your full name address and link to this post. We want to investigate this for you. 

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    File an FCC complaint they don't value their customers as they have a monopoly. They only care about fines and threat of regulation.