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4 years ago

Packet loss, tech came out, still having an issue?

Running a brand new Modem and Router (and tested on old wireless modem combo) and I'm still getting packet loss throughout the day (about 5-10%). The cox tech came out and put in a new coax cable and I replaced the coax cable from my drop to my modem. Modem is a cm500 and router is a nighthawk. I'm almost certain at this point it's the first hop that is being over utilized. Whenever I get packet loss, I also get packet loss when pinging (first hop after modem). And if this is the case, are we just screwed and it's too bad? If Cox even admits it's an over utilized node, would anything be done to fix this (ie. infrastructure upgrade)? This is horrifyingly frustrating.

Here's a traceroute:

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

1 (  1.863 ms  1.898 ms  1.683 ms

2  * * (  43.309 ms

3 (  12.895 ms  50.308 ms *

4  * (  48.123 ms  11.853 ms

5 (  22.482 ms (  67.261 ms  28.026 ms

6 (  48.817 ms  30.180 ms (  32.359 ms

7 (  30.813 ms (  56.403 ms (  30.124 ms

8 (  22.476 ms  46.221 ms (  86.399 ms

Here's a pingplott (just over 30 minutes):

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    The technician that was out should have run tests for node congestion and if detected they would create a maintenance ticket for a node split. That something that's been going on all year.

    Jonathan J
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      Okay so what now if I'm still experiencing issues? What is the next step towards reaching a solution? What if the issue wasn't occurring at the exact time he was testing the line even though it's blatantly happening right now? Do my diagnostics not show any evidence of bottlenecking? At what point is this going to be a issue you're team is willing to fix? What do I have to bring to you and your team to get a proper response? I promise if you ask I will gladly perform whatever diagnostics necessary I've worked in this particular industry my entire professional career and I'm willing to perform whatever troubleshooting necessary to move forward. Otherwise I'm literally going to move out of this home. Unfortunately your response makes no effort to solve the current issue we are facing here. 

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        @JayRod, I first recommend bypassing the router and run a test with a wired to modem connection. Please let us know those results. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.