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5 years ago


 Why does the service go out every day around 8 or 9am pacific time ? It lasts up to an hour and the sporadic thereafter. I pay for gigablast. I'm really starting to regret that.
I've tried all the basic solutions. Restarting all equipment etc. Getting very frustrating.

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    It's happening to alot of people.  I go through same thing with Cox's support.  Always the same set of answers:  reboot modem, check connections, etc...  My internet went down again last night at 6:00PM Pacific, always the same time.  I even bought new modem and wifi router, only to find out it's Cox.  I'm going to complain to BBB and FCC if it keeps going.  I suggest you do the same.  

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      I had a friend going through this and someone had tapped his line at the box. 

      You think cox would have a simple button that you can push saying I experienced an outage that lasted more than 20 minutes.  If the person daily has to report that at approximately the same time every day, then just maybe they might want to send a tech out to check the box.

      Just a customer service thing

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    Did you know that we offer text message updates during outages? The next time you think you might be in an outage, log in to using a cellular device, or open the Cox Connect App on a mobile device. If you are in an outage, an alert message is displayed as soon as you log in. An option to “sign up for SMS notifications” or “to receive a text message when this outage is resolved” displays underneath the alert. Selecting this option provides the estimated repair time for that specific outage, as well as updates when the on-site tech changes the repair time or clears the outage.

    -Crystal S. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      They have never sent an alert for an outage. I try resetting modem and they fail. It is now 8:45am pacific and no internet.  No messages in inbox for outage alert.

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        This might not be an area issue then. The next time you are experiencing trouble, email us at with your service address and we can take a closer look at it then.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Crystal, one big problem is that Cox is often unaware that there is an outage.  Furthermore, there is no way for a customer to report an outage on the Cox website.  Finally, the online chat and telephone lines have been disabled.

      Is Cox in serious financial difficulties? That would explain the deteriorating service quality and the suspension of support services.

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        It takes a few calls from customers who connect to the same node before an outage is triggered. We can certainly investigate your issue and address your concerns, but we will need some information in order to do so. Please email my team at with this post, your full name, and your complete address.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator