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12 months ago

Outages and inconsistent information from Cox

We have been without internet and TV service for about 48 hours now. I have gotten rare texts from Cox saying they are "still working to resolve the issue." One online agent told me it was related to a storm we had. Another said it was due to some planned maintenance of the system. First, if it was planned, why is this taking so long. Second, if it was planned, why weren't we given some warning. Third, why the complete lack of transparency from Cox? Really disappointed in Cox right now.

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    Sounds like a upgrade that went wrong. The planned part was probably only over night during maintenance period. Once something goes wrong it takes time to diagnose the problem and prepare a ETR. Hopefully they fix it soon. For trending reasons, what area are you in? AZ or OK by any chance?

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      Not to hijack the thread here, but I am in Maricopa County, AZ and have had outages since June 21st. 

      For the first few weeks, Cox insisted I continue resetting my modem/router, ensuring connections are tight, etc. Now, their app just says there's "network impacting issues" for about 3 weeks with no updates. Very frustrating. 

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        What model modem do you have? Hopefully not a Panoramic gateway. Can you post the signal levels? Also, anything critical in the logs?

        Also, I hear there is a big outage/update going on today near Phoenix. See here. Maybe they are finally fixing the issue?

  • I stay disappointed w/ COX.  I, too, received the texts, but the funny thing was I HAD SERVICE!

    So they can't even get it correct on reporting their own outages.