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4 years ago

Out of control line jitter

Download and upload speeds have been fine. Ping to test servers pretty normal, around 40ms. Doesn’t seem to be much packet  loss.  However the line jitter is off the charts. With a 45 ping I’m getting 300+ jitter. Impossible to play any game with the massive stutter. I know the network his taxed right now but this just stared and its real bad. Thoughts?

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    Same problem with the jitter.  When I call to complain, they try to upsell me, but my speeds and ping are fine.  My jitter is between 150 and 400.   so, the rep told me to hang on.  then after a minute he came back on the line and said there was an outage in my area.  That was 8 days ago.  Each day I have checked and there has been a continual outage in my area.  

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    Hi there,

    I'm experiencing this too, but with horrible packet loss tacked on top. If you have a chance to look at other posts in this forum, it seems like many others are as well. Cox has been posting generic troubleshooting tips (restart modem, check lines, etc) to "remedy" this, then locking the forum topic. None of these generic steps work to fix your issue and it just seems like they are doing damage control for anyone who brings this up.

    here's a reddit post going into detail about this:

    I've filed an FCC complaint towards Cox about this issue and hope that Cox will put some effort into expanding their infrastructure.

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      Excellent source. Thanks for posting. If the upstream channel is indeed jammed, i assume thats what would account for the terrible jitter. Down is fine but the send is clogged.  $85 a month and you can’t even game on the network. 

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      I reported to the FCC as well. My rubberbanding is out of control. Cox blamed this on the game servers even though I used my phones USB tether feature and got a great connection with it.

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    I've had this issue as well. I had a tech come out to our home on Saturday. He told me that the issue was at the tap, and all of the service requests he has been completing since the shelter-in-place has started has overloaded their system. He said there was nothing they (the contracted technicians) could do about it, that it was on Cox's end and their decision to fix or not. I spoke with technical support prior to the technician coming out to our home, and she mentioned NOTHING of this being a wide-spread problem... I suppose the technician that came out to our home did because he is contracted, not a direct employee of Cox... nevertheless, he essentially told me there was nothing he could do about the problem unless Cox decided to fix the issue from the top.

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    I pray that Cox takes the initiative to reduce internet speeds (especially upload speeds) in order to alleviate the already ridiculously limited upload throughout of the CMTS. Rubber banding and packet loss on online gaming led me to do the same as everyone else and complain to my state’s consumer complaint board and the FCC. Hoping this is all resolved soon.