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6 years ago

On a Roku, how do I stream Cox channels I pay for

I have Cox digital and a Roku.  I have managed to get some of the Discovery and History channels to stream on my Roku..Not live tv.. Yet other channels will not stream.  Such as Boomerang cartoon channel, CBS live, ABC live, etc., that I pay for, through Cox.  How do I get these channels to link to my Roku through my Cox account without having to pay additional fees for the channel?  Is there a way to stream ALL Cox channels on the Roku?  Is there a Cox Contour app for Roku? Thanks in advance for any, useful, help.

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  • Hi MoeB, Roku features a full line-up of cable channel content you can access using your Cox account credentials. At this time, the Contour App is not available for Roku. Cox product managers are investigating compatibility constraints in the hopes that we can bring the Contour App to third-party devices like Roku in the future. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      "Investigating compatibility constraints." What a total crock of sh*t. This post is five years old and you Cox clowns STILL won't allow your customers access to their live TV stations LIKE EVERY OTHER CABLE PROVIDER. You are a pathetic laughing stock who cares nothing about customer service. You make Spectrum look good. Adios!

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        It's all about money. They invested in the Apple TV app and saw what that cost and probably not wanting to invest that in other platforms.

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    The only way to get live broadcasts is with cable TV, an antenna or a streaming service.  Contour app won't work on Roku.

    With Cox, you can only freely stream subscribed channels with a browser.  Then again, it's not truly free because it'll consume your data cap.  Cut-da-cord!