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5 years ago

Notification Letter of No / Slow Internet Connection

Hello! I work online at home and I am very much dependent on my internet. Today October 17, 2019, I was not able to log into my webpage account due to very slow and almost non-existence of internet connection. It affected my job. I didn't get paid plus deduction for not showing up in our platform. I would like to request a letter that would verify the problem that I encountered. How do I go about this? Does Cox have a specific email address for this type of concern? Please lead me to the right and fastest way to resolve my problem. Thank you! 

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  • We do not have any type of letter/notification for this type of request. The closest thing possible would be by using our Cox connect app and you could sign up for outage notifications during an outage. I do not show that we have had any recent outages in your area though.

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      Thank you!

      May I have your email for customer service, please?

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        Hi Leslie, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at, Facebook, or Twitter for assistance. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator