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4 years ago

No internet connection

We had an area outage 11 days ago. After it was restored, I have tv, but no internet connection. 5 different techs have been out. They claim the signal to the house is good, but I am get a weak signal coming out of the modem. When I try to connect to a router I get nothing. I’ve installed a new modem and router with the same results. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

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  • Hi Sparky63, if the techs already checked the outside signal levels, I suggest looking at the outlets to make sure the connections are tight from the wall to the modem. Are there any splitters on the line inside the house. If yes, try bypassing the splitter and connecting directly to the wall outlet. Are you on a wired connection or wireless? I would try to connect a computer or laptop directly to the modem bypassing the router.

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