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6 months ago

No internet and No Answers: January 2024 Kansas Winter Storm

Internet has been out or intermittent for almost 72 hours now.  Coverage map doesn’t show any issues in my area but when I get in the App a message states that there’s a known issue that’s actively being worked.  Signed up for notices and it has been “Fixed” 3 times now according to the text chat, but each time I answer by saying “No” to is it fixed.  No additional info offered.  Chat bot in the App Chat was no help; kicked out of chat twice when asking about the issue, what the system says is the issue, or if Cox will prorate customers bills for not receiving the Full Internet service we pay for.  When asked for a point of contact to speak with a live human being, only given the customer service number that takes you to automated menu after menu.  Can’t wait to switch providers soon, but they’ll probably be the exact same with customer service.  All big companies seem the same anymore.  AI/ Fake person chat responses and given the run around until customers run out of time or patience to keep pursuing information. 

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    Sorry to hear about your extended Internet outage.  A lot of us are experiencing the same winter storm.  If your repair is going to require someone working outside, it may be a couple more days.  Where I am, it just broke the previous all-time record low temperature for this date.

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    chasebriggs12 wrote:

    Coverage map doesn’t show any issues

    When you say coverage map, do you mean outage map

    We have been getting a lot of flooding but so far no real snow. That may change tonight. Fingers crossed for both of us.

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      Correct.  When in the “Outage” map page, it only shows a marker on my property.  I also am unable to move or Zoom in/out; the map is not interactive.  It also states at below that useless map “We see there are others reporting a network related issue. You may experience some intermittent network issues are our teams are currently working to identify and resolve the problem”.  Frustration I have is once signed up for text updates, they have repeatedly text the “Issue has been resolved in your area.  Type Yes, No, or Don’t know if your internet is working properly.  When I type No, it kept sending me to AI Chatbot. And minutes later on the App, that issue which was “Resolved” in my text updates is back, but I have to rejoin the text updates.  So the frustration is near the max.


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        Hi, Chase. I'm so sorry for the issue with the outage map. Is your service still down? If so, please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. Thank you, we're glad to help.