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7 years ago

No e-mail service

My email account is not working properly. I normally use Mozilla Thunderbird for email service. Feb.2nd after logging in to Thunderbird I get this when clicking get messages:

The STAT command did not succeed. Error getting message number and sizes. 
Mail server responded: Mailbox is in inconsistent state, please relogin.

I then log into Cox' webmail and get a message telling me that my request took to long and
times out or says my inbox is empty but shows numerous messages in it .
After several calls and today, February 11, I still can not access my mail accounts properly. Support has
 been in a "pass the buck mode" with finally they give me a ticket number while saying they will call me
when service is back up. So far, I have received two "Ticket" numbers. 9 days of trying to fix a problem that
 started after some person in programming suggested upgrading an email application that was working properly
is unprofessional. Revert back until the bugs are fixed.

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    Hi there, please send us an email to or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and include this thread for further assistance.  We're here to help and want to help get this matter resolved.  Thanks,