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7 years ago

New Webmail issues

still no direction as to where to post email issues...Internet or apps? So I am here.

new issue as of yesterday, spam lands in my inbox...I try to send to spam...I've sent waaaay too many today so I cannot. I have to download into my email client and THEN I can forward to

Also had it tell me once that I could not send to "thisisnotspam" . What's with this ?

why wouldn't cox go to an email client & contract for this service? They obviously cannot deal with it. Or facilitate a deal to give us to some other email provider. 

I am so sick of this and now I'm being blown off by billing because email is "free." You know *** well it's built into the price of Internet, just like phone tools....which frequently doesn't work built into the cost of phone. But because it isn't billed as a separate charge....I'm sol.

I love the techs...most are so good.  But I hate this company!

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