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3 years ago

New Panoramic Wifi - Now Laptop Won't Print to Wireless Network Printer

I don't print from my laptop often, but I believe this problem started after I switched to the Cox Panoramic Wifi modem/router when I upgraded my internet package. Every other device I have switched over no problem and prints to the printer just fine. My lap top just won't. the printer status is "offline".  I've restarted both devices several times. I've disconnected the laptop from the network and reconnected it.  Printer troubleshooter says it cannot fix the problem. I printed some status reports directly from my printer, and the best I can get is that "a router/access point channel conflict has been detected".  I googled that and logged in to the router settings but cannot find any area that lets me change the channel. The Cox Wifi app certainly does not let me change the router channel.  Side note that may be related or not? - the Cox Wifi app also thinks my laptop is "not connected" even though it *is* connected and accesses the internet just fine. The  Cox Wifi app does see the printer as connected, which makes sense since other devices can print. I've also tried reinstalling the printer, but it not surprisingly can't find it to be able to reinstall.  Please help?

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    Have you tried remapping to the printer.  Remove the printer from your Printer settings and then remap to it.

    Sometimes updating the Print drivers on your PC also helps.

  • Edit to add: another of the exact same laptop model CAN print to the printer. Maybe my laptop is just jacked up? I've restarted it. Restarted the wifi device. It still always says the printer is "offline"

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    Hi @HelpMeHelpMyWiFi
    I know how important it is for you to print out your important documents. Have you tried to press the WPS button on top of the Panoramic Gateway? It should be the button on the opposite side of the white light.

    Ben S.
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