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Netgear C6300V2 firmware issue; IP lease expires and drops connection every 12 hours and 8 minutes

This was happening at the height of Covid in April 2020.  Of course Cox blamed my equipment.  I went and bought the same model new.. and the problem followed.  Many home visits and neighborhood repairs were enacted.  No relief.  I'm convinced it was the firmware that Cox controls.   I did finally get escalation - Cox brought me out a different model modem to test out.  It was affiliated with a Cox service account, not my own account.  And that test modem ran flawlessly but Cox support never followed up nor reclaimed the modem. And that account was finally shut off by Cox after about 6 months.  I plugged my original modem back in at that time and LO AND BEHOLD - it now ran flawlessly without the lease drops for months.  Until this weekend.   I am back to the original issue.  But with a new twist - the 2.4ghz wifi on the modem will no longer connect a channel and thus will not broadcast.  

So is anyone else experiencing this?  I am engaged with "support" to ask when this firmware was rolled out.  At some point I will go thru the motions of contacting "support" to change my mac id and whip out my other C6300v2 (you remember, the one I originally replaced) so I can enjoy the phenomena on it too.  

And rather than answer my direct quiestion about firmware age and address my request to have that original ticket reopened, sweet Taina B. has recommended I try rebooting my hardware and then hastily did so to dump me out of chat.  This is a game I know very well from last year. 

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    Hi @HellishAZ

    I know how important it is for you to have a stable internet connection. Firmware updates are automatically pushed out to your modem when an approved update is available. Cox goes through a testing and certification process for firmware updates to make sure they will work on our system and are free of bugs. There is no way for you to do it manually with our modems. For your wifi issues have you tried toggling the ON/OFF Wifi button on the C6300v2 wifi modem?

    Ben S.
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