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Need to use ethernet cables for other equipment but Panoramic Modem is too far away to run cables - what are my options

I need to use ethernet cat 6 cables to connect my audio system to the net.  But the Panoramic modem is upstairs and too far away to run cables.  What are my options?

Can I pick up the internet connection off the coax cable going into TV?  Do I need another modem for that?  Will that require a second account.

Or do I buy a wireless router with ethernet connections and put that near my audio system?

I would prefer not to use wifi for speed reasons.

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    First question is what will you stream to your audio system?

    Second, what's on the other end of the coax connected to your TV?

    If you go wireless, I wouldn't position the router "near" your audio system...but in a position for best reception from the Panoramic.  Even streaming hi-rez audio at 320 Kbps shouldn't be a problem for wireless.

  • I use a TP-Link Powerline system in my home.  Basically, it uses your internal house electric wiring to transmit ethernet signals.  From my modem, a cable connects to a 'sender that is attached to the a electric plug.  On the other end, there is a 'receiver that also plugs into a electric outlet.  You can then connect a ethernet wire from it to your laptop.  My 2nd laptop is connected in a far-away bedroom from my modem.  This system also has a Wi-Fi network if you choose.  You end up configuring a separate in-house network.  It works if Wi-Fi from you existing modem network is not strong enough...even with an Wi-Fi amplifier.  The neat thing is that you have electric lines all over the place....of course, a single outlet, probably does not directly attach to another outlet, so the signal needs to go back to the junction box then out to the receiving outlet....anyway, just another option.

    First, download to a laptop/tablet a few Wi-Fi analyzer software so you can walk around the house to check speed check and network signal check.  That way you have some tools to debug both ethernet or Wi-fi signals....before you attempt to purchase products.  Try different ones.

    The TP-Link Powerline..... worked for me.  You need to sync up its network with yours....a little work but if you're into tinkering, it works.  I don't say it's great for gaming, and I don't remember what the speed test thru it's system is...but hey, my wife is happy on her laptop buying stuff and checking emails....peace in the family.

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    are you aware the panoramic modem is both modem/router.