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Need to Power Modem (SB6183) Twice to Connect to Net




I turn my modem (Arris SB6183) off at night. 

At power up the next day, the modem indicates it is online but several browsers indicate otherwise.

I then need to disconnect and reconnect the power cord -- 2nd attempt -- and modem now is online.

This problem started about 30 days ago and per my outage record and Cox's phone auto feedback

of outage, stated that they were upgrading the system (or my node).

I have tried:

1)  Clearing the IP and Winsock stacks, no change.

2)  Doing a factory reset on the modem

3)  Letting the modem indicate (the first powerup)  it is online prior to booting the computer.

4)  Booting the computer first, and then bringing the modem online.

None of the above works.

IMHO their is some table on Cox's server that is corrupt or a flag that has been toggled opposite of

what it was previously.


Any suggestions or help by Cox technical -- other than need to troubleshoot while modem is offline would be appreciated.   Sadly, the first thing Cox phone techs want to do is have you repower the modem which naturallly brings it online.


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  • @Dwnowhere1, Are you using a wireless router? If so, please temporarily bypass the router and let us know if you continue to experience this issue. Thanks. -Allan. Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    It'd probably help if you didn't turn off your modem at night and then simultaneously fire everything up the next morning.

    When you reboot a modem, you're essentially rebuilding your connection to the headend at Cox.  You may be assigned a new public IP address or you may not; however, every parameter of your WAN connection is rebuilt...including a routing table.  However, you've also got tables in your home and your morning routine may be creating conflicts.

    While your modem is rebooting, your router will lose its WAN connection.  Once your modem is online, its new table and the router's table may not match.  It may take a while to resync or you could force a resync by rebooting the router your case...another reboot while the router is online.

    You didn't mention doing this but if you reboot the router and don't remove power long enough, its capacitors may still have enough juice to retain the previous table.  Furthermore, after the router reboots, it needs to rebuild its table with every already-connected device...that is, every device already having a previously-assigned private IP address from the router.  You may or may not be having conflicts with your private IP addresses.

    There's a lot going on during your morning routine.  Why are you shutting down your modem:  security, conservation, annoyance?  Just shut down your router at night...that's what I do.