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4 years ago

Need more upload speed, not more download speed

So on the Cox home page when I log in, there is an ad which says

    Your Services. Your Way.

    No more one-size-fits-all plans. Customize your services to fit your needs.

That's great!  I'm on a 50/3 plan, and while 50 down is PLENTY  (we were automatically upgraded from 30 and didn't have any issues with it being slow), 3Mbps is intolerable for uploading videos.  I literally have to go to work where I can 20Mbps up and it takes me 4 hour, versus at home it usually takes almost 2 days straight.

When I click on the link, I see 150 down for about $6/mo more than I am paying.  Ok, that's about how much more I can afford... anything under $30 more is fine I think. But when I look at the "down" speed it's only 10Mbps, which is too slow!  I already have fast enough down speed, but I would have to upgrade to 940 down in order to get more than 10 up.  What gives?

I inquired about a business about a couple months back and they quoted only about $30 more for 100/20.  So why can't I get a similar deal as a residential customer?

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    I'll be happy to share your feedback with our product team. In the meanwhile, business services would have more options available if you're wanting plans with more upload and less download capacity.

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      Thanks Chris.  I may consider switching to the business side at some point - for the moment it was a bit more of a hassle than I wanted to deal with (the rep wasn't able to tell me if my current modem would be supported, switching from residential to business on the same address is also a bit more of a hassle since you current have service and this blocks some of the automation in getting things set up, etc.) and with a two year contract I'm not sure yet how long I'll be at my current address.