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6 years ago

need help contacting cox

We lose service during the day for the last month. Things worked great for 4 months and now daily problems. Tech support, field techs and customer support seems to care less. Does anyone have a number or email of higher ups to complain?? Also, how do you get them to give you credit for services not given?

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    Hello, thank you for reaching out to us here in the Cox Forum, and we are truly sorry to learn of the ongoing issues. We'd like to look into this in greater detail to ensure that all of your concerns are properly addressed and resolved as quickly as possible. Would you mind emailing this link to our team at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      1. That’s not going to help. The problems in itself are within the service. For example on my thread all you did was ask for tracerroutes which are obviously fine. The problem is with your god *** AWS collaboration. You need to fix how you guys work with them. Major games today like Fortnite and apex legends run off AWS and if you can’t offer good connection to them simply make a big sign on your site saying: NOT FOR GAMERS.  And give the man a HIGHER LEVEL email. He doesn’t have time to communicate with 100 more bots.