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4 years ago

NAT type strict on PC

My NAT type has been strict for a couple of months now and it affects my connection on COD MW (only game I play online). I tried port forwarding the recommended ports but that didn't help. I also tried inputting a static IP but my internet stops working when I do this. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am using the Gateway panoramic modem from COX. 

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    ive been having the same issue with all my ports on the network blocked been 2 weeks here so far ive been working on getting it fixed cox has sent people out a few times, we have tried 2 panoramic modems and 4 stand alone modems with no routers connected and three pc's so far they have also come and hooked up there testers and used them as modems and all ports are still blocked,i think they are having issues with there nodes they are currently upgrading for increased upload speeds and most people have not noticed it yet as they dont port forward much..feel free to follow my thread that way if we get it fixed we will have an answer for you.