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4 years ago

Mysterious T3 Timeouts Modem recycles

They have run all new lines from the tap to the modem. Our modem is new arris SB8200 but we also tried the Cox modem for a few weeks and it went down too. the upstream and down stream are all normal range and our speed is never an issue just the modem timing out. 

Issue we get a T3 timeout and the modem reboots. Cox tells me they never see the modem go offline yet our modem reboots for 3 minutes upto 10 minutes to catch signal again.

We are at a level II service tech and they want to say it is in our home. We have moved the modem 3 times and the 3rd time to a new line dropped by Cox and the modem is plugged into a surge protector. I have also hooked the modem directly to the line from the pole and it still drops service.

Today was really bad with it dropping 2 to3 times an hour at times. Sometime the modem will recycle to the point I have to unplug it because it won't connect on its own.

I am frustrated and getting to an anger level of an 8 out of 10. I work from home and today I had to use my cell phone to do Teams meetings because it dropped so much.

they have looked at the node and changed a cable that was bad and no help. None of our neighbors are having issues. We have no amps between us because we are the first house on the node that isn't overloaded either.


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    T3 timeout errors are caused by too much noise signal on the upstream channel which may need a tech visit. Please email your full name and address to for further support.

    Jonathan J
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