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My recently new CGM4141COX Modem resets itself about once a week or once every two weeks


Every since I have lived in my current apartment complex, about 2 years now, the new panoramic modem (CGM4141COX) reboots itself about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks if I'm lucky. I have had two panoramic modems of same model I believe since moving here and they both have done this / do this.

This happens at random times -- often while I'm working or on an important call. I've not noticed any consistency.

I'm curious if others have observed this issue. I am in the Tempe, AZ area.

I only rarely had this issue with prior surfboard supported modem. My prior surfboard modem would only reset itself maybe once a month (probably for DHCP lease or something). Only the panoramic modems have this issue for me. Either that or it's due to my location (this has been happening for years ever since I moved into this complex).

I would try to login to the modem ( to get logs or more info, but it usually just sits there forever unresponsive or takes an extremely long time to respond to the web request. It's in Gateway mode as I want to must manage everything myself for better security.

I'd greatly appreciate any input - whether it be helpful to potentially resolve this or if you just want to respond and mention this happens to you as well. Thanks!!

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