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2 months ago

My Cox-->Yahoo-->Outlook journey

I see lots of posted problems with this email transition problem and I wrestled with it for a couple days.

I had no problem setting moving Cox-->Yahoo and getting email on the Yahoo website but I wanted to use my desktop Outlook program as I always have.  Trying to just change the incoming and outgoing servers in Outlook wasn't working - just gave an unhelpful failure response.  Maybe this could work easily if you use the "trick" I mention below.

This morning I called Cox support, was on hold for ~15min before reaching a quite helpful woman who almost succeeded.  Key things from her: in Outlook:

  1. File-->account settings-->account settings-->remove existing account (this will "re-populate" from your working Yahoo account when your done),
  2. account settings-->new  enter your email address (the one you just deleted) and a password.  She said to use the Yahoo email PW which doesn't seem to make sense since you haven't pointed to the Yahoo server yet.  But after the next error message you get to enter the server information (as widely disseminated this is and  We tried this many times (including reboots) but it never worked.  Always got the error message.

She kicked me "up" to a guy who knew less but told me to go to Yahoo support and gave me a phone #.

Yahoo answered immediately, went into remote control of my computer and did the same steps but with one difference: they used a password generated for my Outlook by Yahoo.  (This is commonly discussed in support forums and I'd already made one but hadn't used it here.)  Anyway he deleted mine, made a new one, and used that PW when connecting to and  That worked, that was the difference.  If my first Cox support person had realized this we'd have saved a couple hours.


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    Sounds like so much fun.  I'm sort of fed up with it right now.  I had not tried moving to Outlook so I'll leave that for now.  My Cox account moved ok.  I use outlook and gmail.  I've always received much less spam on those accounts (actually never got one in gmail).  I think I'm just going to get out of Yahoo inasmuch as I can't seem to delete the ads readily...the exact same ones keep popping up, not only in the inbox but in each and every folder including archive!  I'll look for another app to use on my phone.  I definitely don't want to go with Yahoo the way I see it now.  Glad you got the answer here for Outlook...I looked into calling them, etc., but noticed they wanted $$,  subscriptions but maybe they waived that for Cox transfer period.  I've been with Cox for.....well, forever, "and that's a long, long time".  

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      Yahoo Mail seems to have ads...can't avoid it.  However they're not transferring to Outlook.

      I was told the support is no charge for the "next couple months" of the email transition.