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2 months ago

Multiple outages daily

In middle Georgia, specifically Centerville/ Warner Robins for the past 3-4 weeks there have been multiple outages DAILY. The app has had an alert that reads "We've identified an event that is causing inconsistent service and we apologize etc." 

What in the world is going on?? 

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  • You’re not alone. I’m in Macon, and several people in our neighborhood were having issues today and over the past weeks. Not sure what’s up, but it’s not helpful when you are trying to work from home. 

  • Hello.

    Thank you for choosing Cox. I'm sorry you are experiencing outage issues in your area. Please send your full name and complete address to for more information and assistance with this issue.

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    I am facing a similar issue in Orange County. Several times, I called Cox Technical Support, and they looked at it and told me there was no issue. It looks like they cannot see logs or find out how many times it is reseted. They tried to reset it remotely without any real benefit. 

    I have a few friends in my neighborhood facing the same issue. Technicians visit home and try to look for loose connections. In my opinion, it is a bandwidth issue. 

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      In the last 3 hours, my modem reset 4 times. While typing the above message, it was rested... 

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        Hello. i recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to